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Battery Charging Advice

Before you use your scooter:

  • Charge your batteries for 24 hours - The scooter will then be ready for use, but the first time you use it the batteries will only give about 70% of their capacity.

  • As soon as you get back from your first run, plug the charger in and leave it plugged in overnight - The next time you use the scooter, your batteries will give you about 75% of their capacity.

  • Again after use, give the machine another overnight charge - After 15-30 of these discharge & charge cycles, the batteries will give 100% of their capacity.

Don't forget every time you use your scooter, charge your batteries overnight. You cannot overcharge your batteries but you can under charge them. This can cause irreparable damage and will invalidate the battery warranty.

Never allow the batteries to become completely discharged.

If you are not planning to use your scooter for an extended period, charge your batteries for 24 hours every two weeks.

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